Friday, July 22, 2016

Endless Summer Tunic

Have you a pattern or two that you've been putting off making because one of one thing or another? Well, for me, one of them was the Endless Summer Tunic by A Verb for Keeping Warm (AVFKW).  It doesn't look like a difficult dress, does it? It's just that the instructions are few and mostly written, and every time my eyes took them in, my brain just kinda...shuts down!

Fortunately for me, a little serendipity happened. I did tell myself to grow up and I did cut out my first version this month.  Then Creativebug announced that AVFKW just finished their video class for the Endless Summer Tunic. The timing was perfect. The class, by the way, is excellent!

The pattern sizing was a bit confusing for me to start with. They only state the finished measurement. My bust size is 40" so I decided to go for the 43" instead of the 41" since that would give me some room to make changes. (As it was, I didn't make any changes.)

See that smile? Yes I am pretty happy with the fit and how it looks. I may play around the bust sizing next time as it is a bit gape-y when I lift up my arms. But the plus size is I could layer it with a light tee shirt underneath.

Now, the fabric! It is a cotton chambray and hand-printed by the lovely and talented Marilla Walker. Marilla gifted this this fabric and I am so happy with how it worked out! Thanks again, Marilla!


  1. Its a cool simple tunic but the fabric really makes it. You are one lucky lady to receive this lovely fabric from the talented Marilla!

  2. I know! She's such a multi-talented woman! I've been following her bra-making adventures lately and I'm amazed at all that she's done!

  3. This is beautiful on you. Lovely drape.

  4. The pattern on the fabric is so unique. Love it

  5. It's all due to Marilla's clever handwork!

  6. This looks fabulous! I have never heard of this designer before - I am off to google them!

    1. Thanks Su. They have quite a few patterns to choose from!

  7. You can be so happy with this. What wonderful name for it - and it definitely is a perfect name.

  8. I think this may be my favorite of all the things you've sewn so far, Melissa--such a fabulous fabric and the color looks so nice with your hair... Pretty, pretty!