Friday, February 20, 2015

Progress on my test garments

Hi, I'm back and I finally have some new garments to show off. These are my "first time tries" so I used sale fabrics for just such a purpose, before I cut into "good" fabrics. I don't always do this but I try to as they have saved me many times!

First out of the gate is the Oceanside Pants by Blank Slate Patterns. I whip these ups a couple of weeks ago  just to try out the fit.

I'm glad I did since initially I thought the fit was just fine, then when I wore them around the house I realize the rise is too short to be comfortable. So this week, I ripped out the casing, added a strip to make a new casing, and it was much better!  They are very comfy. Although I don't like this fabric it's great just to lounge in these indoors as our weather has gotten so much warmer.  Next I will hunt for some linen/cotton mix to make a good pair.

Second project is Butterick 6024.  I first made it back in August and it was way too big. I actually bought the pattern again in a smaller size just so I can try this out again. I really like the pleats in the design.

The top is now in a Medium and it fits nicely - honest, even if  I feel like it's a pregnancy top around the middle! The fabric is too stiff  (quilting cotton) so I look like I could parachute down the stairs in safety!  I am going to try and see about slimming down the sides a bit but this may just be the design and I just need a softer, floatier fabric for it. What do you think?

 Last one to show you is a Japanese pattern from a company called "M Patterns" and it's M142. I am making that white blouse. No, I don't understand Japanese so I just guessed from the looking at the diagrams which can be confusing. The way they did the front button facing is quite different.
If you look at the drawing you can see that the blouse is very wide and boxy. So why was I surprised when I put it on and thought to myself "gosh, this is too wide!"  Here it is in a shirting material and the fabric is in fact quite lovely and soft. If you look closer you will see pins instead of buttonholes. I have to decide whether to do buttonholes at all or just sew on buttons as I can just pull this over my head. Plus I like having it open at the top rather than buttoned all the way up.  I will decide on that later as I am in a bit of ambivalence whether I like it or not.  I do like the little gathers on the sleeves though!
So I am at my "trying out" stage of a lot of projects at the moment. I will go through this "testing" phase then I can binge on good fabrics and have a few new things in time for my birthday (April so I have time - ha!).

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh fun! Ok, showing my ignorance -- what is the casing on pants? Is that the top part??? Around your waist? At least I think I know what the rise is. lol! I really like that top in the middle with the pleats. If you use a soft, drapey fabric, I bet it'll look great! As for the bottom top, can you make it narrower next time somehow? I wonder why it's so wide. I guess it's the style? I think everything looks great though!

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I really like the tops - both of them.
    As I am the first time on a sewing blog written in English I have to recognize how poor my sewing-related vocabulary is.

    Nevertheless I will come back and look which pretty clothes you have made.


  3. Oh, those pants do look comfy, Melissa! Great idea to try the pattern with a less expensive fabric first...

    I love, love, love those pleats and do think the top would hang better in a more flowy fabric :) (Not that I'm an expert seamstress or anything!!).

    I like the idea of just a pull-on top for the last one, too--these days I'm all about convenience and comfort :)

    So glad you're enjoying your time in your sewing room!

  4. Must have missed this blog post. Great going with the pants and once you've sewn this with better fabrics it'll be a lovely casual pants.

    The pleats were really well executed and so is the Japanese top!