Monday, September 8, 2014

Once Again - New Look 6185...altered

I posted about my New Look 6185 finish last week here. I wore it a couple of times and wasn't happy with the elastic/tunic thing happening so I decided to remove the elastic thing altogether and give this thing a haircut!

I also decided it needed pockets but not just any plain ole' patch pockets but something with a little extra zing! So I just drafted something and made it up as I went along.

You like? I like it a whole lot better now. The only thing I would change about the pockets next time is to make them Bigger!

Off to post about my next finish...


  1. What an adorable shirt!! It's so sweet and I like the little pockets in the front...hmm I should commission you to make me one!

  2. I love the makeover you did on this dress. Looks great with the pocketss too.
    You'll be drafting your own patterns next!