Sunday, November 13, 2016

Four tops and a laptop ago...

Yes, it's me! I did disappear into a black hole in October due to various reasons. A big one was the Technology Meltdown (TM) at our house. It seems that one after the other, the lights started flickering out, beginning with my laptop! Getting back on track with new equipment is taking some time but I have enough for a blog post!

In early October, just prior to the TM, I made four tops using knitted fabrics. I was on a roll!

The first one is my first try at the Bento Tee from Liesl & Co.  I sewed up a simple version without the pockets just so I can try the sizing. The fabric is a cozy sweatshirt like organic cotton.  I like this! Next time though I will add a bit more length to the body and the sleeves. (Remember I'm 5'11" or 180cm.)
This next one is the Plantain tee by Deer and Doe. It is a free pattern to boot and has been sewn up and enjoyed by many worldwide.   The fabric is an Art Gallery cotton knit and has great body. I would like to try this pattern again but with a lighter knit with more drape. I will also add length to the bodice and sleeves. In this case it's not so much that the bodice is short; it's because the bodice has some flare away from the body and I think it would look nice longer, with more of a drape using a lighter knit fabric.
The third one here is the Lane Raglan by Hey June. This one is just about perfect for me and I want to make a couple more!  I used ARt Gallery cotton knit for the body, then some generic grey cotton knit for the sleeves. I bought a lot of the plain grey fabric so no doubt you will see it repeated in some other makes.
The previous three patterns were all first-time sewn ones and I am glad they turned out so well. My last one is my well tried Lark tee from Grainline Studio. I have made a couple of boatneck versions last year, and this time I decided to try the scoop neck. I did raise the neckline at center front about an inch. Otherwise no changes. Again, another Art Gallery cotton knit. I love this print! 
All four knit tops have been in heavy rotation the last few weeks. I lucked out on having "keepers" on this round.

Then my sewing halted. The TM, as mentioned above, happened. October was one of those record setting rainy months. The US pre- Election "shows" set a depressing mood. Followed, of course, by the stunning (shocking, more depressing, etc) results a few days ago. All in all, it's no wonder I had the blues!  Instead of sewing, I've been knitting away the blues. Wool yarn reminds me of cuddling with my cats. Knitting is a very meditative motion. So, clickety-clickety, there I sat quietly in the corner, listening to audiobooks.

In case you are wondering about whether I have any audiobooks to recommend. Here are a few:
The links are just to the books on Amazon so you can read the synopsis, they are not links to the audiobooks as I borrowed mine from the library.

As a knitter, I often read the blog from the Yarn Harlot. She did a post called "The Best Policy" and I found that she provided a  safe space for people on both sides of the US Elections results to express their views but in a civilized manner. It made interesting reading. I think now, more than ever, it is important to understand "the other side" and how "we" got to where we are. I'm a Canadian and of course not involved in this election, but the results effect all of us worldwide. That's all I am going to say on this topic; and... Peace, Love, Compassion. 

I will keep on knitting. I plan to do a post on knitting very soon as it's coming up to my one year anniversary of when I took my first class knitting (a hat). I can call myself a knitter now!  I hope to get back to sewing soon but no promises on that. However, I was enticed by this new dress pattern from Grainline Studio!

I would love to hear any book recommendations that you'd like to share! Thanks for stopping by.