Friday, September 23, 2016

Summer sewing wrap-up

Hello! Since we are officially in Autumn, I am reminded to do a wrap-up of the last of my "summer sewing".

First up, my first Lottie top and another pair of Pants no.1.  The Lottie pattern by Christine Haynes is chock full of possibilities. Since this is my first try at the pattern, I decided to start simple by making the top.  The pattern is a Japanese seersucker I purchased from Miss Matatabi sometime ago. I seriously love the grid lines on this fabric!

The Lottie pattern is great. I love those gigantic pockets! I will definitely make it again!
The Pants no.1 pattern is from 100 Acts of Sewing and I've made in a couple of times already. The fabric I used is Tottorri Cross, a Japanese seersucker from Merchant & Mills
The two pieces make a great outfit together. 
Then we have my never ending love for the Lou Box Top pattern by Sew DIY.  The fabric I used is an Indian hand printed cotton purchased at Maiwa Handprints.  The brown culottes/wide pants (can't decide which) is something I mashed together, made in brown linen.
I was able to make one more top by taking the concept of using up your fabric scraps.  I love the big pockets!
So, a short and sweet blog post.  I've been spending time this week putting PDF patterns together and today can do some tracing. Hopefully I can get some sewing going soon.

Till next time (that's a wave).  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow - these are great garments - they are so me! Love the Lottie top (especially the black/white print) - I must get this pattern. How did you do the waistband of the culottes(elastic?).

    1. I can just see you wearing the Lottie top too! The style is very similar to the Japanese dresses that you like.

      Yes I just used a wide elastic for the waistband on the culottes. Easy and simple.

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  3. These look so vey great together. You have wonderful fabrics in your stash that complement each other perfectly. And you have such nice ideas for using up the scraps.

  4. Everything looks wonderful! I always love what you make -- I have a feeling your style is similar to what I like to wear. :D Beautiful fabrics too, and love both pairs of pants.

  5. I'd say you've had a most successful sewing summer, Melissa! Really love the Lottie top and pants combo! And I agree with you on those great pockets--one can never have too many :) I'll bet being able to make your own pants helps with any length issues you might have when purchasing store-bought pants! So nice to be able to custom fit your own clothes, I'm sure :)