Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dressing up Lou x 2

Just a couple of days ago, we were in the middle of a heat wave (for our area it was a heat wave!) and I was longing for a summery dress that covered my shoulders more than a tank top dress would. Enter, the Lou Box Top pattern once again, ready for a little pattern hacking.

This pattern has been an unexpected and delightful hit this season for me and I love it to pieces! The first dress version used up 2 meters of Nani Iro fabric that I was saving for a long sleeve top. Well, I guess I couldn't wait.

Basically I used up all 2 meters of this fabric and I would've added a bit more length if I had more yardage.

For my second dress, it was a happy coincidence. I had purchased the last meter of the grey floral Nani Iro fabric on sale, and was pondering making one such dress but I could not find a plain fabric to complement the greenish-grey tinge of the fabric. Then just last week, I stumbled across this skirt that I had made last year (Nani Iro as well) but rarely worn so I decided to remove the waistband, add some in-seam pockets and attach it to the Lou Box top. I used some charcoal linen for the bias binding around the neckline. 

This last dress, fortunately is just past knee length and quite perfect for transitioning into Fall. I want to knit a little brownish-pink cardigan to wear with it!

I love both dresses! Since the skirt had a bit of an a-line to the shape, I ended up with a bit of a tulip shape to the dress which I love too.

If you want to try this yourself, it is super easy. The photo below shows the layout of the Lou Box top pattern pieces. Basically the pattern pieces come where you get changeable bottom sections of different hemline treatments. So, I simply  just use pattern pieces 1 and 2 for the top. Then I cut out lengths for the skirt to whatever length you want. For the blue dress I cut straight across the width of the fabric ( approximately 42") for the width of the skirt but you can make that narrower if you wish.  Then just gather the skirt pieces to the top pieces. You can add patch pockets, or in-seam pockets.

I hope you will get to try this pattern yourself. I simply adore it.I've made it up five times already. If I make two more, I can wear one every day of the week!

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the comments as well as the emails asking about my makes.