Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Some new favourites off my sewing machine

Hiya! It's nearly end of June and I'm trying to catch up and sync up with what I've shown on my Instagram account. I think since I've been on IG, this blog just gets a bit neglected. However, there's one good thing about the blog and that is, the photos are taken with a camera on a tripod so I can get better shots of the outfits. I haven't figured the equivalent for my smart phone yet!

The first one is a Hemlock tee dress hack, made with Liberty of London tana lawn called "English Fields".  I've made so many versions of this dress that I won't say anymore about it, only that I still love it!
This next one is the Trapeze dress by Merchant & Mills. It's done in a linen that I had in my stash, bought locally. While I fought with the instructions with sewing the facing (and lost), I really love this dress. This was my wearable muslin and I want to make more! So comfy.  (I do realize showing this dress is like showing a big ink blot but it's really a great dress to wear!)
I saved the best for last I think. The top is from the Mercury Collection from Marilla Walker.  The fabric is Nani Iro, an oldie called Fuwari Fuwari, which was re-released this latest collection. The Brumby skirt I think I've shown before. Pattern is by Megan Nielsen.  I just love the two pieces together!
There was another top that I was going to show, but I realized when I saw the photo that I need to take it apart and make something else with it. It didn't look good at all. Oh well, you win some and then some you have to work harder to win!

I do realized I am still not synced up with my IG account, and I guess that's ok. I'll just use by blog to show more or better photos of what I sew.

I can tell you my sock knitting is coming along. Come next weekend will be our last class and I should come out with a pair of wearable ones, fingers crossed!

Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. The trapeze dress looks so cool and classy! Love the Mercury top and the high/low hem - I need to make this as well as the trousers.

  2. I love the fabric on your Mercury top, it is stunning. I always wondered about the pattern placement with some of the designs by Nani Iro, and yours is beautifully done.

  3. Love that Liberty fabric on the Hemlock Tee dress! Love how the Merchant and Mills Trapeze dress came out too. Too bad the instructions were so fiddly. Everything looks great! Love that Nani Iro fabric!

  4. You always find the prettiest fabrics, Melissa! Lovely new top and dresses. The trapeze dress looks so, so comfy!

    Thanks for the recommendation on the Penguin Lessons book--I ordered it and it arrived at the library yesterday for me. Can't wait to start reading :)

    Hope your weekend is fun and relaxing. Just gorgeous weather here ;)

  5. Really pretty dresses. I love the black one, it looks both comfortable and pretty - with a touch of elegance!


  6. NO wonder that these dresses are new favorites as they are so beautifully sewn and look so beautiful on you. Isn't it great to see in what short time you managed to create such wonderful things? And now you added sock knitting. I'm so curious to see your first pair of socks.

  7. You always look so elegant and refined. You choose great fabrics, interesting colours and your construction is spot on. Well done.

  8. You always look so elegant and refined. You choose great fabrics, interesting colours and your construction is spot on. Well done.

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