Saturday, May 14, 2016

Catch up Post - Mercury trouser and Gingham skirt

Hello! I am late in posting so this is a catch up.

The first make was back near the end of April and it's a modified version of  Trouser, View D from the Mercury Collection from Marilla Walker.  The pattern is designed with some pleats at the ankle but I opted out of them at this point. I knew I would need to add length too but instead I went with the pattern as-is and wanted to see what a cropped full trouser would look like.  I did shorten them a bit. Voila!

I quite like how they turned out. I used a linen/cotton fabric which is a little heavier than I'd like for summer. I'll try for a thinner linen next time.  I am wearing the Maya top with it, which I made last year.

The next make is the Easy Gathered Skirt from Pattern Runway.  It is a great pattern and it's free! I've always wanted a big gingham skirt like this. I think the fabric is a cotton/poly mix. It was a no-label sale buy but I am guessing there is poly in there. 
I am happy to have sewn two great basics!

I've been posting Me-Made-May outfits on my Instagram account.  Which means that's why I've been neglecting my blog! I've also recovered from that bout of cold/flu but I seem to have succumbed to a bad case of heat rash this week so I am laying low for a few days.

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a happy weekend!