Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Two new tops - the Box Shirt and Kiomi Top

Hello! Gosh, April is almost done and I'd better get a couple of these new makes on the blog!

The first one is The Box Shirt by The Maker's Atelier. I've long admired their patterns and since it was my birthday, I decided to splurge and give them a try. The pattern comes beautifully packaged and has its own label inside as well.

The fabric is a lovely linen chambray  (or chambray linen ?)  that I had in my stash.  The fit in the body is indeed boxy but the sleeves are "fitted".  Overall I would say it fit me quite well.

 Sorry for the next fuzzy photo but it just shows I would likely wear this open, over a tank top.
The next new-to-me pattern is the Kiomi top from Lotta Jansdotter's book, Everyday Style.  This is a wearable muslin and I'm glad I made one. It's a bit just coming from the front and under the arms so I may end up lowering the armhole slightly next time.  I will wear it and see how it feels. The flip side is that there is no gaping in the armholes that I can complain about!
And the two pieces complement each other very well! 
I've been sick for over a week with the flu but the sign of getting better is that I've been able to start sewing again! Hope to do one more blog post before Me-Made-May starts, which reminds me...I gotta sign up! How about you? Are you signing up for MMM'16?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mercury Collection by Marilla Walker - Top View B

Two posts in one day! I'm playing catch-up with some blog touch ups so I decided to also try to keep updated with my latest makes. This one is fresh off the machine, and one that I've waited for with bated breath ever since Marilla started showing peeks of it months ago.

It's Marilla Walker's latest release, the Mercury Collection and is a lovely collection of tops and pants. As Marilla explains on her pattern "Each piece of this mini summer collection is inspired by the relaxed and unapologetically roomy shapes present in Scandinavian and Japanese fashion." The design sensibilities of this collection echo a lot of the pins I've been collecting on my Pinboard.

I've been such a fangirl that Marilla sent me this for my birthday which was a couple of days ago. I will forever also remember her birthday as it's a few days before mine and the same as by BFF's.

So, I got cracking on this pretty darn fast. Here it is, View B but with the sleeve of View A which simply means it doesn't have the deep cuff.  Look at that hi-lo hem!
There are neck facings and hem facings in this top, which are all top-stitched. I took my time pining and even hand basting before I did the top-stitching from the 'right' side. That's just me saving myself grief in the long run.  The instructions called for a turned hem as part of the top-stitching finish but I just did a narrow finish on the overlocker first to reduce any potential bulkiness.   While doing this type of top-stitched facing takes more time, I really love how it looks!

This smile is for you, dear Marilla! Thank you for this gift and I love, love, love the pattern. I am sure I will make more tops and I will try out the pants too. 
The fabric is Nani Iro Mountain View, from Miss Matatabi awhile ago. Off to do more sewing (of course)! Thanks for stopping by.

Dover Jacket by Blue Dot Patterns

I am late blogging about this make and it was due to the fact that (1) I did not have the right buttons, and (2) I dread making buttonholes because I couldn't get consistent buttonholes on my machine. But someone once said to me "if you have trouble doing something, keep practicing!". Good advice.

I found out that I had misinterpreted one of the steps in my sewing machine's instruction manual! Once I figured that out, I was sailing!  (It's still not an automatic buttonhole function but at least I can get it to work now.)

This is the Dover Jacket by Blue Dot Patterns. I made View B with the gathered bodice.  The fabric is Nani Iro double gauze.

I had one wee bit of trouble with the instructions on the shoulder dart. Here, again, is where my brain was having a fog moment or something. I emailed the designer and Diane very kindly emailed me back. When I saw this photo, I went "of course!"  Thank you, Diane! 
Here is the happy wearer!  The original design calls for just 3 buttons, leaving the bottom more open for a jacket and it then has a nice A-line to it.  I thought I would try making it as a blouse and did 6 buttons to close everything up.   I'm sure I will make another one and/or stitch View A next!
If you have never seen Blue Dot Patterns I would recommend checking them out. Stitch on!