Friday, October 30, 2015

Roberts Collection - Dungarees Dress by Marilla Walker

Ahhh, this dress! You know how sometimes you see a design and you fall in love with it right away and others you tilt you head, roll the ideas a bit in that thoughtful manner and wonder "would that work for me?" Well, the latter applied to this dress.

The very talented Marilla Walker produced the Roberts Collection recently and it is a doozy of a collection.
I chose View C2 with the longer length. It was stitched with an Essex linen (linen & cotton mix) from my stash.  I did add 2" to the center front of the skirt as I wanted some gathers. Otherwise, I did not change anything to the sizing (I did size 5). 

I also did not do any of the poppers as fasteners. I did sew the sides all the way up, and just stitched down the straps with buttons. It was easy just to pop it over my head. I really love how the design is cut on the front bib and around the sides.  Note the whimsical lining!

This skirt is long. I'm 5'11" (180 cm)  and this goes well past my knees. Sorry for the next fuzzy photo. It was the only one where I could really show you the length.  
What's the verdict? Well, I love it!  Well done, Marilla!  I had it in my head that I wanted to sew one with more gathers up front (done) and in 100% linen (next time).  This was a good wearable muslin.  (p.s. My husband did give me that funny look "is it an apron...?")

 Have I tempted you to sew one for yourself?

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

West Water Tunic

A couple of posts back I had mentioned falling in love with the West Water Tunic. It was just one of those patterns that the minute I saw it I knew I had to sew it.

To start off with, I really liked the fabric on the cover of the design and I wanted to make one similar. For my wearable muslin, I actually managed to refashion a pair of pants and use the leftover fabric from that project to make this.  It was a good thing too as I found out it's a little snug and I will need to size up next time.

Here it is looking adorable on the hanger. There's no seam down the back. I didn't have enough material so had to piece the back together. I love that collar!
Here it is paired with a favourite tee shirt (Gap). I've been trying to find this type of  tiny stripes in knit and also in linen but no luck so far. 
The next photo is just to show you that I've just sewn one snap on the top.  In the pattern design photo I had imagined that there was a hidden button placket. There isn't. It's just done with snaps although I think it would be not to difficult to modify it with a hidden button placket. 
For now, I'll just try wearing it like this and see how I feel. 
The current size I'm using is an L for a 39" bust. The next size up is for a 42 1/2" bust. I'm 40" so I'd thought leaning to the smaller size might work. It "fits" but it's a bit more snug than I'd like so I will try  the larger size next time and  I'm thinking I'd also try a View B but with sleeves. We'll see if that works!

I just finished my Roberts Dungarees Dress last night and will have to get some photos taken. That post should be up very soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Arum dress by Deer & Doe

Happy Wednesday, Happy mid-week! I am typing with a band-aid around my left index finger which I have, unfortunately cut twice this month. Ouch. Thankfully it'd not too deep but it's awkward.

Luckily I had already finished my Arum dress, by Deer & Doe. I had first seen it sewn up at The Drapery and was intrigued by the shaping on the back. So, here is my version.

The pattern did not come with pockets but I decided to add some in-seam ones using a very light cotton lawn. I love the fit. It is closer to the body without it being tight and there is no zip required.

The fabric is an older Nani Iro and you can still find some here.

That's enough typing for today! Have a good rest of the week.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Pearl Dress by Green Bee Patterns

Happy Friday! The sun is shining. My big Fall gardening jobs have all been tackled before the forecast for rain this weekend - yay! Rain = sewing time!

Awhile ago, I saw the Pearl dress pattern on Rae's blog. The first one was the Gingham Pearl dress, seen here.  I knew right away I wanted to make one for myself! The second one was a Corduroy Pearl dress, seen here. The latest is the Henley version, seen here in Bespoke double gauze. Love them all.

Here's my first make of the Pearl dress, in a tencel chambray (I think) that I bought locally.

As you can see, I used the cotton from the dress in my last post to make pockets for this dress. The tencel is a bit heavier than I'd like for pockets so this worked out nicely. I wore this to a family dinner last weekend and it was a hit.

I actually did not make any buttonholes as I can pull this over my head, so the buttons are simply decorative for this. (I avoid buttonholes as my machine is very unpredictable!) I do like the Henley version and I can see making a top out of this. I am sure there's another Pearl dress in the future.

There have been a lot of new pattern releases lately. I bought Marilla's Roberts Collection and I want to make the dungarees dress. I saw that Jen has released the Tamarack jacket. Wow, I really like this though the quilting part scares me a bit. Today, I bought the West Water Tunic pattern. The minute I saw it I knew I had to have it - that neckline! These are but three of many, many lovely new patterns of late!

Is there a new pattern release calling your name? 

Happy weekend. May you get to sneak in some sewing time!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Back from a sewing hiatus

Well, hello! It's been awhile. I took an unexpected break from sewing since my last post. That's because I have been gardening my heart out in September due to the beautiful Indian summer weather and the departure of the dreaded mosquitoes.

While Vancouver has seen a record breaking long, hot, dry summer, there have been lots of mosquitoes in my garden.  Normally I am a beacon for hungry, blood-thirsty insects so this was a very unpleasant gardening season.  Recently I found this article as to why certain areas had a lot of these annoying bugs.

Thankfully in September they "disappeared" and I was so happy to get outside and garden, unmolested. I decided to do some renovating as parts of the garden were overgrown and a lot of plants needed dividing. As the soil was pretty dry it was easier than usual and I loved doing some physical labour. While the gardening muse sat on one shoulder, the Kondo muse sat on the other. If we can apply to the Kondo method to our closets and inside our houses, why not our gardens? It was a revelation as I realized I had plants that I really did not much like so I dug them out and off to the compost they went! It felt great and now my garden looks a lot happier.

While I did miss my sewing machine for many, many weeks, I did manage to get out a few projects! The rains returned Oct 7 and off I went back to my little-machine-that-can!

First off is Dress No 3 by Sonya Philip of 100 Acts of Sewing. The fabric is a yarn dyed cotton from Miss Matatabi.

I love this dress. It's so comfy. The neckline is perfect. It would definitely wear well in the summer due to the light cotton. I would just need to throw on a sweater in the fall; tights + boots - done!

It's #slowfashionoctober, hosted by Karen of  Fringe Association. I've enjoyed reading a few articles/thoughts on this. One of my favourite makers is Karyn of Make Something, and owner of The Workroom in Toronto. She wrote that her preferred method is to serge the seam edges first, then assemble the garment on her sewing machine. So to support the "slow fashion" aspect I decided to give this method a try and to also slow down my sewing a bit (eg read sewing instructions more!).  It turns out that I really like this method and it's help me in getting a better fit on my garments.

I will be back soon with more finished garments. It's time to catch up on my sewing!

What's on your sewing table?