Thursday, September 3, 2015

End of Summer finishes

Yes, it does feel like summer is over. It's rainy and much cooler so I am glad to wrap up a couple of new-to-me designs I had cut out for summer.

First up is the Staple Dress by April Rhodes.
I had lowered and widened the neckline a bit but I kept it even simpler than it is by leaving any shirring or elastic waist thing happening.

I found a moss coloured cardigan which will go well with this in the cooler weather. 
The fabric is a delicious Japanese seersucker lawn from Miss Matatabi. I got this on one of her Wednesday sales recently. It has the most interesting texture and feels like I'm wearing air!  Overall, I am pretty happy with it.

Next up is the Brumby skirt from Meghan Nielsen. I forgot to take a photo but I have a RTW black cotton skirt from years ago that looks almost exactly the same and I'm very happy to have this pattern in my repertoire now.

The fabric is a denim chambray. For my first try at this design, I decided to go BIG as Meghan had suggested that you may want to wear this skirt lower than your natural waistline. Next time I will go a bit smaller. I love it though. Those pockets are great! 

The top is a Hemlock tee which I posted about here. Incidentally that black Brumby-like skirt is in that post though you can hardly see it.

That's it. Bye bye to summer sewing. Next up will be longer sleeve things, like this Pearl dress!

Thanks for stopping by!