Friday, August 21, 2015

Local fabric shopping at Maiwa

As I had mentioned a couple of days ago, I was headed out to a local shop where I'd heard they started carrying some Merchant & Mills goodies! I'm talking about Maiwa which is located on Granville Island in Vancouver.  This area attracts tons of tourists which also deters me from heading out there as I always found it stressful to fight the traffic, find parking etc. This time my husband offered to take me down there so I could just focus on shopping! ha. I guess he's a keeper.

One thing I forgot to do was to take photos! I was too focused on shopping, plus the little shop was a bit tight to navigate when busy.  You can see a photo of the inside of the shop here. The table in front now has a display of sewing tools from Merchant & Mills, including patterns. Here's a photo of the fabrics.

Believe it or not, I didn't get any Merchant and Mills stuff. They didn't have the linens I was looking for so I will probably still buy them from the UK. It was exciting to see though!

I did end up buying some lovely organic cotton from India.
There were quite a few lovely Indigo prints but I told myself to try something new and ended up with more tone-on-tone, plus this neat pin tuck one on the bottom! The fabric is really narrow due to the pin tucks and I thought it would be interesting to make a little top from it. There was only one colourway of this and even if those colours aren't exactly my favourite, I am pushing myself a bit at a time to try new things.

You can see more of these Indian cottons here and here.  By the way, a lot of these prints were already gone when I visited this week.

I am sure I will be back at Maiwa a lot more now! If you have any questions, feel free to email me here. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. That shop looks amazing! And the fabrics you bought are so pretty! Too bad they didn't have what you were looking for in Merchant and Mills fabrics and stuff, but it still looks like it was worth the trip.

    1. Yes it's an amazing shop! There are so much good stuff I didn't have time to look at this time around. Good excuse for a return visit!

  2. Great fabrics that you bought at the shop. I particularly love the red print, an the one on the bottom looks interesting. I have never seen something like that. But then I rarely ever go and buy sewing fabric :)

    1. Thanks Brigitte. You know I've known of that store for years but since I wasn't into textiles before I didn't pay it much attention. Now I love it!