Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kika Tunic #2 in Nani Iro Freedom Garden

Surprise! I'm back so soon. Yes, I finally managed to take a whole bunch of photos of the garments, not least of which are the ones of me wearing them, thanks to a recently found tripod from my dad's! It's just made it a lot easier to get better photos instead of standing in front of the bathroom mirror! Anyway, see what you think.

I made another Kika tunic. This is the free pattern from Tina Givens. You can read about it in this post about my first tunic made.  I have worn it a lot during the hot weather, so much so that I knew I needed to make another one.

This second one is in Nani Iro's Freedom Garden, Greece.  On initial basting and trying on I found that the shoulders were all weird (sorry, no photos of that) in that they were too heavy and didn't "sit" properly with the double gauze fabric. So I took out my trusty Wiksten tank pattern and used it as a template to trim things down. That did the trick!
Kika tunic, front view

Kika tunic, back view

And lastly, yours truly. I'm still trying to figure out how to stand/pose for the camera so you can see a garment properly. Anyway that'll do for now! 

I'll be back tomorrow with another garment. (BTW, I've noticed a few people have started following this blog on Bloglovin' so thank you for that! I would love to hear from you.)


  1. Its beautiful! Perfect for hot weather. I had not heard of this pattern or maker before so i am off to google it now!!

    1. Thanks Su. I hope you've found the pattern by now. It is such a good one for the summer...and even in the fall, in a heavier fabric. Good for layering! Let me know what you think.

  2. A very pretty print and summery dress. Its nice to see your face for the first time too!

  3. Hi Melissa,
    this new tunic looks so pretty - and so comfortable. And it suites you!
    Nice to see your face on the photos now!


    1. Thanks Hilda. I'm sure you would love wearing this while you are lounging around your pool!

  4. So pretty! Another nice, cool top. And hooray for a tripod too!

  5. I think you're a natural model--you've got the stance down perfectly :) Your newest creation is such fun and I love the fabric :)