Monday, July 13, 2015

Firsts - KIKA tunic and Linen

I love Linen! This was my first sewing project with linen and I am so pleased with it. The pattern is the KIKA tunic by Tina Givens. You can check here for all her free-bees!

The Kika tunic is just what I need for a airy summery dress. The first thing my husband said when he saw it was "you could fit a bottle of beer in each of those pockets!" Yup. Love big pockets.

The binding I used is left over from a cotton from Merchant & Mills. Then I thought why not try on the blouse with the tunic? They are a perfect combination!  (You can read more about the blouse here.)
This is also the first time I am stitching with a Tina Givens pattern. Her designs are very loose and, for lack of a better word, "voluminous".  For this tunic I trimmed back the width of the skirt and did not do the deep pleats that were called for.  I just want a lightly gathered skirt.

I am making another one of her designs and find myself skipping/simplifying the designs to suit myself. I hope to have another TG finish to show soon.

One thing I know for sure, I love linen!


  1. It looks great on you! I love it with the blouse too. I know linen is hard to work with in knitting. is it hard in sewing too??

    1. Thanks Margaret. Linen turned out to be not too bad to sew at all. It does fray a lot but I can catch that with my serger. I also try to stay stitch curves to stablize them before I apply the bias bindings.

  2. Those two together look perfect, like you purposely made the shirt to end just above the pockets!
    We must be on the same wavelength since I just finished cutting about TG's free Bloom Dress, haha :) Did you see that she just had the 40% off her PDF patterns? I ended up getting the Poppy and Lucille..Just need to figure out how to trace it so they won't swim on me.

    1. Oh, wasn't I clever and I didn't even notice that! It was amazing that the two pieces worked out so well together!

      Yes I did manage to get onto her PDF sale. I bought the Mona wrap dress and the Peplone jacket. Not sure when I'll stitch the jacket but I'd like to try the wrap dress soon.

      Looking forward to seeing your TG makes!

  3. Oh this tunic looks so pretty. And cosy!
    And the combination with the blouse looks really good, Melissa!