Friday, July 24, 2015

Some garments refashioned

O Happy Rainy Day! In the wee hours of this morning, a good deluge of rain FINALLY arrived. It's been so dry here that fire risks are high, lawns are brown and water restrictions have started tightening down. So, I am sure there are a lot of smiles this morning for the rain. The forecast said there won't be that much rain then we'll go back to more sun and heat. In the meantime, we are grateful for what rain we can get! So, that was the weather and happiness report for you!

I've done some refashioning of garments I've made but not worn much. The most recent make was my Robe Aubepine which you can see here and here. Here's a before photo.
The Before version was a Nani Iro double gauze lined with cotton lawn. It was "too much". I felt like a wrapped dumpling. So I ended up taking the lining out and removing the sleeves. Here's the After. 
In this After version I am leaving the drawstring off for now and see now I like it. I added big pockets too which I am happy with.

My next refashion is the Schoolhouse Tunic I made last fall.  I tried to work a v-neck in which I ended up not liking.  So once again, more taking something apart. I ended up tracing the neckline from the Wiksten tank (I think) and I like this a whole lot better. The downside is that with my taking the garment apart and then putting it back together, I've lost some seam allowance so it is a bit snug in the arms especially. I may end up passing it onto a friend.
My last one is a complete remake of a top I made last year.  I just found I wasn't wearing the previous version much and luckily I had some left over fabric I could piece together for the back.  This is, of course, another Scout tee!
See the pieced back. I ended up having a nice little pattern created down the center. Totally unintended and a lovely surprise. 
You can see by the wrinkles I have been wearing it quite a bit!

This whole refashioning or re-making a garment was totally inspired by seeing the work of other bloggers. It's good to know there are ways to get the most out of every garment made.

Have you done much refashioning of your garments?

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

First try at a Dottie Angel frock

Last year as I was tentatively dipping my toes back into sewing waters, I went on the Internet (of course) to do some research and subsequently did the "Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole " thing. Images popped up everywhere, so tempting, so tempting. One of the things I stumbled onto were these "granny chic" dresses by Dottie Angel - I was smitten with them. 

To make a long story short, Tif has released her Dottie Angel frock pattern via Simplicity 1080 recently and it sold out almost immediately online. We can't buy paper patterns from Simplicity any longer in Canada so I was double stuck! I really didn't want to wait another month or two to order it! Luckily for me,  a kind American friend did me a big favor and got a copy of it from JoAnn's in the States and sent it to me.  Thank you, Carol!

I did a wearable muslin with some quilting fabric. I really wish I had the fabric in rayon. I liked the print but the quilting fabric was a heavier kind. Initially I made the ties that the design called for and when I got the dress down to the fitting stage, I decided to try taking them out. I like them better without the ties on me.

On the back I decided to insert a left over piece of bias tape to create a casing and then insert a skinny elastic to give it some shaping. 
So, this is how it looks on me.  The jury is still out on this one. I may try to go with a Medium next time for a better fit in the shoulders (?) and also get something more flow-y, like a rayon.
The dress is long, even for me, so I took about 2 inches off the bottom then had a 1 inch hem.

I've been re-fashioning some items so I may show them in my next post, hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Firsts - KIKA tunic and Linen

I love Linen! This was my first sewing project with linen and I am so pleased with it. The pattern is the KIKA tunic by Tina Givens. You can check here for all her free-bees!

The Kika tunic is just what I need for a airy summery dress. The first thing my husband said when he saw it was "you could fit a bottle of beer in each of those pockets!" Yup. Love big pockets.

The binding I used is left over from a cotton from Merchant & Mills. Then I thought why not try on the blouse with the tunic? They are a perfect combination!  (You can read more about the blouse here.)
This is also the first time I am stitching with a Tina Givens pattern. Her designs are very loose and, for lack of a better word, "voluminous".  For this tunic I trimmed back the width of the skirt and did not do the deep pleats that were called for.  I just want a lightly gathered skirt.

I am making another one of her designs and find myself skipping/simplifying the designs to suit myself. I hope to have another TG finish to show soon.

One thing I know for sure, I love linen!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cali Faye Basics : Dress

A good Sunday morning to you! It's raining. Yippee! Normally you would not hear us say that here in Vancouver but it's been so dry in our province and there have been so many fires, so some rain is most welcome. It also means the temperatures have cooled down a bit and we can sleep better! Maybe that will help my brain to sew better too!

I have been sewing sundresses for the hot weather. The first is a wearable muslin of the Cali Faye Collection's Basics Dress.  The fabric is a Kaufman chambray

I cut the largest size xxl which is for a bust of 39.5".  While the pattern calls for lining this dress, I opted just to finish off the top with bias tape.  The back of the dress is designed to be quite low but I cut it much higher. I added about an inch to the center front of the neckline as I usually do with tank tops.

I am very surprised by the length of the dress. I am tall (5'11") and usually dress lengths end above the knee for me. This one skimmed the bottom of my knees. My next one, I might shorten it for the summer. I added the patch pockets. I could've added in seam but I seem to be on a patch pocket kick at the moment!

Overall, I am pleased with the fit of the dress and I can see why it's called a Basics dress as you can change it up depending on the fabric you use. I can see this as a nice layering piece.

The forecast is for rain for another day or so then back to the sun and heat.  More sundresses on the way too!

How's your summer going so far?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Here we are at July. Half the year is gone! Today is Canada Day and I have been saving this very appropriate garment to show you. It's my well-loved Scout tee pattern in an old Nani Iro print that I have been saving.

The pocket with all that blank space is right off the selvedge. I had hoped to embroider a maple leaf on it but that's yet to be done! I do love the Scout!

Next is a new to me pattern - the Tiny Pocket Tank. I had about 4 m of this batik fabric I bought on sale last year hanging around.  It's done weird things in the wash. It's softer but the colours seem more faded. Anyway, it was good to use for this as a first try.  

The fit was pretty good. The only change is a slight shoulder seam adjustment at the back to fix any gap. I am not sure I've found the magic fix for this gaping problem for me yet. Next time though I would raise the neckline slightly and adjust the placement of the tiny pocket. It looks like it's in an odd spot! 

We've been having a heat wave here, or as much as a heat wave as we define it here.  I've been wearing more dresses and skirts. My friend Margaret noted that she wished I would model the two dresses from my last post so she can see about what it really looks like on a person. So, the first one is the Alder shirt dress which I have been wearing often in this weather! 
This next one is Robe Aubepine, which I think looks great with the fit on the bodice but not sure I like the short sleeves. Proportion-wise I think I would prefer the 3/4 sleeves, or even a sleeveless? What do you think? 

I want to sew another Alder and maybe a tank style dress. I've been thinking Southport, or maybe the CaliFaye Basics dress.  Have you tried either of these, and what did you think?

What's on your sewing table?