Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MMM 2015 - Day 6

Today's top started its life as Blouse K from the Stylish Dress Book, Wear with Freedom. I posted a pic back in November.  I was frustrated back then with the whole fit. I had only been sewing a few months so inexperience contributed to my frustration. I actually de-constructed the whole thing with the idea that I could use the fabric for another pattern. ha ha.

As it was a short top, I couldn't really cut another pattern from it. So, I decided to put it back together with some tweaks. Primarily I put in a big tuck in the back, sewed up the front and put in these tucks/pleats whatever making sure I narrowed the neckline to the size I want. Voila, it lives again in a slightly different guise.  The fabric is an Indian cotton from Merchant & Mills.

It will do.  Happy Me Made Day 6!


  1. You've made the top fit you really nicely! Love the fabric, love how it looks on you!

  2. Lovely fabric - you have great taste in fabrics! Like the pleats and the sleeves especially with cuffs.

  3. Your tweaks worked! It is so lovely :)