Friday, May 15, 2015

MMM 2015 - Day 15

Off to yoga class today. Can't believe I haven't shown a Sailor Top yet, from Fancy Tiger Crafts. I have made a few of these.  The fabric is Nani Iro Herringbone Pencil.
I'm debating whether to put on pockets with the white border as an accent. (If you know this fabric you'll understand what I mean). Happy Friday!


  1. I love the design of this top - it is similar to the top half of New Look 6185 (Blouson Dress on my blog). The fabric/colour is gorgeous. Personally I wouldn't add pockets as the top is great as it - the lovely neckline needs to be the main focus.

    1. Thanks Caroline. I have made up NL 6185 last year but I was new to sewing and used quilting cotton and the whole thing just didn't drape well. The Sailor Top fits differently too and I prefer the latter. I'll take your advice about the pocket!