Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MMM 2015 - Day 13

I've been cleaning the house this morning. It definitely needed it.  What I set out to do is all done! Yay! Now a shower and change into something clean and comfy.

You can read about the blouse here. The pants are Oceanside Pants by Melly Sews. This is my second pair (un-blogged) and it is in Essex linen in a very pretty, versatile colour. The only concern I have about the fabric is that it feels scratchy to me. I have worn 100% linen before and I'm fine. This is a blend of 50/50 linen and cotton I think and it feels very "nubbly" (is that a word?) against my skin. Hopefully the fabric will soften with washing.

Actually I think I need a nap before that shower!  


  1. Love the two together! That top is fantastic. I sure hope the pants fabric softens up and the nubbliness doesn't bother you anymore.

  2. I was cleaning right along with you, Melissa--such a good feeling when it's all done :)

    Scratchy clothes bother me--I'm always removing tags and anything inside a garment that bothers me--hope the fabric softens in the laundry. They look wonderful, though.