Sunday, April 19, 2015

A little bit of Alice, a little bit of Marthe

So. It was inevitable that at some point in my short sewing life (started last summer) I would encounter "things that just don't work for me". #Next! (It has to be said in a loud voice). 

The Alice Top by Tessuti is just so cute.  I've admired it on many bloggers and finally decided to stitch one for me. It looks cute, but only on the hangar and not on my body. The pattern was fine, the instructions were fine.
The striped material is leftover from a previous blouse. It was a sale fabric that I loved for its soft hand though the colour washed me out. Luckily I had a remnant piece of Nani Iro to add a pop of colour.  
However, the top just doesn't look good on me. Those "wings"!  Not for me. I even tried putting on a cardi over it and the "wings" were not that accommodating. Oh well. I'll let it hang out and see If I can alter it for myself.
Remember my first Blouse Marthe?  I felt it was too short. I was able to get more fabric to alter it into a longer version. But first, when I took the peplum off, I actually liked the cropped look. Really cute...on someone younger and thinner! :-)
I think this longer version is just the perfect thing for me. I did take in the sides on top a bit before I added the skirt. I also added some pockets.  The weather is warming up and I will get to wear it soon! 
The dress just spells H-A-P-P-Y to me.

Speaking of which, here's what I found on the inside of a beer cap. My father-in-law used to have that saying "We've Got It Good!". Wherever you are, Opa, we still keep your saying in our lives. Danke! 
Thanks for stopping by! On my last post I actually had a new person (Caroline) leave a comment! Hallelujah, I won't give up on this blog yet!

Have a great week!


  1. Oh the alteration to the dress is so cute! I love how that came out! Sorry the Alice blouse doesn't look good on you. It's certainly cute on the hanger. What happens when you wear the sweater over it? I bet it looks good that way??? You'll have to model your dress sometime!

  2. Your Marthe blouse longer version looks much better. I like the fabric - red and white is a good colour combination and the pattern is interesting too. It was sweet of you to mention my name. I agree with you - please continue with your blog. I like it and I am not the only one. It takes time for a new blog to gain new readers, as I am discovering myself.

  3. I'm thinking if you could try to incorporate a sleeve for the the Alice top? Is the armscye too big?

    The Marthe is nice now, good length.

  4. Oh, the longer version is so fresh and fun, Melissa--I'll bet it looks great on you! It's too bad the other top isn't working for you, but, knowing you, I'm sure you'll come up with a solution :)

    Love the "We've Got it Good" beer cap message--I'm sure it made you smile :)