Monday, February 16, 2015

A Little Bit of "Refashioning"

As we are heading towards Spring (even if you are living in the polar vortex back east!) thoughts turn to Spring cleaning! I have seen this on various blogs, especially with using the Kondo Method.  Going through my recent handmade wardrobe and holding each item and asking "does this bring me joy?" (as well as questions like "does this fit"?)  Not surprisingly I only wear a small percentage while others are in the "what am I going to do with this one?"

So, a tiny bit of  "Refashion" was in order.  I made a  Camber Top back in September 2014.
I never really liked it before. I felt it was a bit blah and didn't quite know what to do at the time. So, today, I found I had some extra border fabric (Nani Iro Field Star) left. I made pockets but I also trimmed the hem by a couple of inches which makes it more into a boxy top.  I like a lot better! 
I made another Sailor Top a few weeks ago, and again, something felt a bit "off". When I finally decided to chop off a couple of inches on this, it felt "just right"!  I think this length has more to do with how the fabric (Nani Iro Herringbone Pencil) worked with the pattern. My first Sailor Top was stitched with the longer length and I liked that one just fine!
I will see what else I can rescue from the "meh" pile! I have also been taping/tracing patterns for my next batch of projects. We'll see what the next post will bring.

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  1. It's fun to see how just a little tweak can make all the difference between Meh and Love! I like how your two tweaks look! You know every time I clean out my closets, I take out stuff I don't wear anymore. Then sometime down the road I think of a piece of clothing that I'd like to try again -- and then remember I threw it out. lol! So I'm not sure about the cleaning out thing!

  2. I did a clean and clear out a couple weeks ago the Marie Kondo way or not! Way to go with upcycling your garments!

  3. Great job on tweaking both of your pretty creations, Melissa! I am horrible about paring down my wardrobe and I know I only wear about 10% of what's in my closet.

    I do have those certain outfits that I always feel good in and wear over and over--need to find more things like that and get rid of the ones that just sit there taunting me year after year :)

  4. These turned out so nice! I love the blue fabric! I have been wanting to try a Sailor top for some time now- maybe another trip to Spool of Thread is called for?!