Wednesday, November 19, 2014


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The Sailor Top from Fancy Tiger Crafts

When the Sailor Top first came out, I was debating whether to buy this design only because it was very similar to something I'd already made - New Look 6185.  However, I was never really happy with the fit and after seeing so many different versions of the Sailor Top, I said "why not? Let's give it a go". I'm so glad I did.

It's such a great fit. I love it and I can see more Sailor Tops to come! It was an easy-peasy make. The only "hard" part is just taking the time (aka Slow Down!) to match up the body to the neckband. I love the way the sleeve and body hemlines are designed the same way.

The fabric is Nani Iro Little Letters in brushed cotton. Perfectly soft and dreamy.  (And, a shout out to my friend Sharilyn - there is a colourway pink on caramel at Spool. Check it out! ) I squeezed my top out of 2 meters and I have enough to do a scarf as well! I love the little silvery bits in the fabric.
Sail on!  I'm dreaming of more Sailor Tops to come!

Monday, November 17, 2014

My first Archer

Believe it or not, I've made 3, almost 4 new things since my last post. It's been all the planning, layout, cutting, etc that has taken up most of the time. Sometimes it takes me awhile to pair up a pattern with fabric either from my stash, or a new purchase.  I get into my dreaming mode and I will fall asleep trying to pair up designs to fabrics. The actual sewing of the garment is, to me, the quickest part...although there are exceptions.

Exception No. 1 is my first attempt at the Archer shirt by Grainline Studio.  Now I loved the Scout tee and I've made quite a few but that's an easy-peasy pattern compared to the Archer. The Archer is a big leap from the Scout - lots more pattern pieces, collar, buttonholes, etc but one must stretch in order to build more skills and broaden one's sewing spectrum.  

At first, I scratched my head over some of the instructions. The online sewalong posts helped. I made lots of mistakes (lots of ripping out), all part of learning, and in the end, voila, a shirt!

This is my wearable muslin and I used some shirting from my stash. I had enough just to cut a 3/4 sleeve. At the end, in a flash of brilliance (ha ha), I decided to make a small tuck at the elbow which I needed to do in order to slim down the sleeve. 
I learned a lot with this project, not least of which is to WALK AWAY when I am confronted with a big mistake. One evening I sewed one sleeve the correct one and the other inside out. Argh! I had never done that before. It was easy to do with this fabric as it's hard to tell the right side from the wrong side. The seam was serged too. I felt like weeping. So a little voice said "put DOWN the garment and back away slowly". I did. I turned out all appliances and exited the room.  The next day I decided I could tackle ripping out the serged seam and put it right. Whew!

In the end, I love the Archer! Of course I would, I love Jen's stuff! I do want to try the Alder before the year is out!

I'll be back soon with more pieces to show. I'll leave you with the last of our roses.
Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. I do wonder if anyone is reading this blog other than my stitching pals and my one new sewing friend from here.

Monday, November 3, 2014

My first make out of knit fabric - Julia Cardigan

November! How did we get here so quickly? Well, I'm glad Halloween is out of the way. Now I can start to think a bit about Christmas!

I have recently finished my first project out of knit fabrics, thanks to taking this course on Craftsy. It was very helpful.  This is the Julia Cardigan from Mouse House Creations.  It's been made all over the blogosphere and I can understand why. So comfy!

I made this first one out of some nameless on sale fabric. No idea of fiber content but likely a cotton blend.  The fit is designed to be close to the body and it does that. For winter, I'd like something big and roomy so I might go up a size or maybe two? 

 My next piece is an unfinished one because I am not happy with how it turned out. This is Blouse K from the Japanese Stylish Dress Book : Wear with Freedom.

It's huge on me. It is meant to be a short cropped top that's full but I think I might've done something wrong and I can also say the instructions for the neck binding, size-wise, was confusing. Subsequently the neckline was huge and I attempted to take some pintucks in the back and a couple in the front. That helped but I am not sure ... I am going to leave this unfinished for now and hope some creative muse drop some hints on what to do with this one. 
This last bit is for any local (Vancouver) blog readers. A couple of months or so ago, we had a new fabric store open which was great news.  Fabrics Etc is located on Kingsway, just east of Victoria. It is more of a clearance store but you can find some good deals, just don't expect any "new releases". 

You know the saying "when one door closes, another one opens"?  Well, it seems to be working out backwards in this case because while we have a new fabric store, an old established one is closing.  Gala Fabrics on Granville by 16th is the only place where I could find a roll of Swedish tracing paper. So last week I went there to get another roll and found a "closing out" notice. Yup, by Christmas. Meanwhile all the fabrics are 50% off. I don't have the pics to show you but I got...a few things (cough, cough).

BTW, they are out of Swedish tracing paper now and won't be stocking it, but Fabrics Etc carries it now.

Happy Shopping!