Monday, October 20, 2014

100 Acts of Sewing - Dress No 1 & Tunic No 1

On this sleepy Monday morning, misted with rain outside, we stay cozy inside and I present to you two interesting (to me) finishes. But first, let me tell you about the designer.

The two designs come from 100 Acts of Sewing, a project started by Sonya Philip a few years ago. I only recently came upon this by accident, but a happy one at that. You can read about the artist's statement here. I was intrigued by the idea of creating 100 dresses in one year, and was delighted to see all the variations sewn up. The designs, as you can see in her shop, are very simple and has clean lines. I like that. I like the temptation of the blank slate but with a good foundation for me to stand on and play!

So, I started  simply by making the sleeveless dress (No 1) and the tunic (No 1) "as is" so I can set a baseline.

I adore the fabrics, which I found only after I had purchased my patterns.  I also found them locally which was the bonus.  Serendipity at play! The dress fabric was one I saw here first and loved, so when I saw it at my local shop I had to get it. The design is from a 2011 line from Lotta Jansdotter. The second fabric just grabbed my attention and appealed to the artist-wannabee in me! So colourful, so full of fun!

As to the garments themselves - I love the dress and can envision multiple variations. It's a very gracious A-line and the pattern encourages you to make the neckline high or low. It has fabulous BIG and deep pockets. This dress is good for layering.  The tunic is short and boxy and so cute! Right now this piece is too cool to wear in this weather. If I want to make one for the autumn weather I would raise the neckline, and also make it tunic length. The pattern comes with 2 lengths, one for a top, one for a tunic. 

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Free form sewing - meet the Scout Cardi

I had the most fun with this Scout.  I had already cut out the Scout tee for a 3/4 sleeve version, much like the one I stitched in my last post. I decided to hack this second Scout and give in to what I call "Free Form Sewing"!  I decided to make this a little cardi(gan).
  • First, I cut the Front right down the middle. Then I used some skinny selvedge pieces for the front plackets.You can see in the photo that the strips are of uneven sizes as that's all the fabric I had to use. I had not planned to make this, otherwise I might have made better use of the fabric placement. 
  • I just put in a little snap closure for the top, for now. I might change this later but I like how this looks. This fabric is just perfect for this cardi design. 
  • Ahh, the pockets - totally free form cutting and they are zany (read: crooked!). I used some precious favourite scraps of fabric to trim the pockets and the sleeves too. Love! If I had more of this fabric I would've used it to bind the neckline and hem.

It was a really fun and interesting experience to just make changes as my whimsy took over. I think this may become a habit!

 Thanks for stopping by. Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Easing into Sewing for a new Season

I find the transition of season shakes me up a bit, in a good way I think, but indeed it is "shaken, not stirred". There seems to be so much to do, inside and outside.  I just need to be more organized...;-)

One way I've organized my sewing is to try and cut a few projects out at a time then sewing them up is much easier and faster. The first one in the line-up is the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated. This is my second make and I've modified the neckline and the inverted dart in the skirt - just something different I wanted to try. The fabric is Nani Iro Fuccra .
The next one is Top 64 by Merchant & Mills. The fabric is Cat Nap in Purrfectly Happy by Lizzy House. I think this whimsical print is purrfect for the very structured Top 64 - a very sweet balance. But funny story - I wore this yesterday when out at one of those big fabric stores. This guy gave me such a funny look like - that woman is wearing a print in our kids' section! Hmmm. I smiled. I will wear it Halloween night when giving out candies to the kiddies and see if anyone will comment on it. I love it, by the way.

The last, and my favourite, is the Scout tee with a wider 3/4 sleeve, in Nani Iro Pocho.  I am so glad this is THE pattern that is easy to stitch, looks and feels great on me. This is my equivalent of eating chocolate when I'm feeling blue. Thank you, Jen!  She has hinted at new patterns this fall so I am keeping my fingers crossed - hope it will be soon!

What's next you ask? Well, in the above photo, there is a black and white gingham brushed cotton lying on the ironing board. It's currently cut in the same Scout tee as in this Nani Iro, but I am pondering whether I should hack it.

The fabric on the left in the photo is a pink and white gingham brushed cotton as well. Both were those "no name" good deals. I have more of the pink (2.4m?) and haven't figured out what to make yet.  I also want to advance to more challenging patterns (for me) so buttonholes are next. My buttonhole foot was ordered awhile ago but it is finally being shipped to me so I gotta put it to good use!

With September and the return to classes at the community centre, I resumed my acrylic painting class. Here's my first finish from a photo of apple blossoms.  It's fun to get back to playing with paints again.
What's on your sewing table?

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