Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two from Merchant & Mills

I have a couple of Merchant & Mills finishes. (Just in case you are wondering, I had cut out 5 projects by the end of August so now it's just the sewing and that's why I am whipping these things off quickly.)

First up, The Dress Shirt. I was really looking forward to seeing how this would sew up as I really like the look of it on the front of the pattern. 
My initial finish last evening was a disaster. The little pleat up front looked horrible on my version, like I had a weird new appendage growing out of my abdomen! Argh! I tried fixing it last night but it was not cooperating. Note to self - don't try to fix problems at night! Even the photo won't cooperate for this post!

Then today, after I stitched up the lovely Top64, I tried fixing it again by inverting the pleat so now it is looking better. I am still not loving this but at least I can wear it without someone thinking I have the Alien thing going on!  The Dress Shirt would really benefit from some pockets which I may still try to do!

Today I stitched up Top 64.  *sigh* Love it. It really is a lovely top and will be warm and cozy in the cooler months. I want to make more!

The pockets on this top are the coolest!

While I was really frustrated with my Dress shirt, including the instructions, what I can say about both pieces is that I love how the neckline and shoulders fit on me - absolutely wonderful!

I'm so focused on sewing that I almost missed my hair appointment today! If my hairdresser hadn't texted me that she'd me a bit late, I would've totally missed it!

What day is it?

It's sewing day, of course! ;-)


  1. Fantastic! Sorry about the front of the dress not coming out how you would have liked. I think both came out great! And the dress is a Marcia Derse fabric! No wonder I liked it when I saw it in your other post. lol! Love her fabrics. The top has to be my favorite of the two though. Great job! You really were into sewing to almost miss your hair appointment. lol!

  2. Very neat and tailored looking. It's great when something comes out the way you want and like.

  3. All of your creations looks so comfortable and wearable, Melissa--such great fabric, too (little fishies?)...

  4. I had a similar issue with the M & M Dress Shirt pattern- that dart or pleat or what have you is tricky- took a bit of finessing! Im loving your Top 64- I have been waffling on ordering this pattern- you duct confirmed that clearly I need it in my life!

  5. Love this one too! The fabric is so lovely....sigh!

  6. It's such a shame when something doesn't work out just the way you had imagined.
    The top looks great on you. No wonder you want a few more in the same style.
    I hope you can work around the problem with the dress shirt as the fabric is so lovely.