Monday, September 1, 2014

Sweet September

Welcome, September! I really like this time of year when the weather starts to mellow out a bit, yet still peeks through every now and then with days of sunshine. The garden puts on that last hurrah. This year, with our hot summer, the tomatoes have been amazing so I look forward to enjoying them this month!

I have lots of plans for sewing now that I finally feel more organized with my sewing.  Here is what I am working on ...

This first one is New Look 6185 and I am doing the version with the rounded neckline. It reminds me a bit of the Portfolio tunic which I love but which I am way too late for since I just returned to sewing this summer.  I really love the combination of fabrics I picked out. This is another "wearable muslin" with quilting cotton. I had a small remnant of Nani Iro Sen Ritsu "Tour" and it's just perfect for the contrast piece. I will show more when I am finished with this one.
Another project cut out is the Dress Shirt by Merchant & Mills. Like the fabric? It's an Indigo shade and I had originally intended it for something else, then I realized the design perfectly echoes the bib on the Dress Shirt so I thought they would be an interesting combination! 
Here is another Merchant & Mills pattern - Top 64. I cut out this cute fabric for it. 
Have you noticed how much more subdued these fabrics are than my last two finishes? It must be my transition to Fall thing already creeping in!

I hope to be back soon with another finish!


  1. Love the last two fabrics! Are they cotton? Gorgeous! Great pattern choices!

  2. Beautiful fabrics and great choice of patterns too.