Friday, September 12, 2014

Roza blouse in which I keep trying & trying!

You'd have to have patience with me on this post as I share with you my attempt at getting a Roza blouse that'd fit me!

When I first saw the Roza blouse here, I just fell in love with the design by KateNRose. I had dreams of making a many versions of this top. I started off digging into my old quilting stash to start a wearable muslin which ended up as Version 1. I was really excited too as I managed to get a complimentary piece for the inset so off I speedily sewed.
Oh, I was so pleased with how it looked, then I tried it on. 
Hmmm. It may not look it in the photo above but it was very breezy and the neckline was very, very wide. 
I put on a tank then felt a bit better. My husband looked at it and said "why not put a piece of fabric in there instead of the tank?" OK. So off I went to try that. 
While it looks ok in the photo, it really doesn't work in real life. I was pretty discouraged at this point as I loved this pattern so much, but it was time to put the tools aside and "sleep on it"... (the problem not the tools!)

The next day I decided to try something which was to go back to the pattern pieces and grade any sizing to do with the neckline from Large to Small. Back to diving into my old quilting stash. Here is a first fitting of Version 2.
The fitting was encouraging enough that I took the time to make a better looking top. 
This does work a lot better but leads me to think I should maybe do one more try - make the body Medium and grade the neckline to X-small.  I'm going to put this aside for now though as I'm tired of it and this is more Summer wear than Fall wear.

All in all, it taught me to try new things in terms of altering a pattern.  I still love the pattern, just not sure it's for me though. Time will tell!

In case you are wondering how on earth I am going to wear all these things (ha ha) I am making these as wearable muslins rather than just muslins. Sometimes I do the latter.  There are pros and cons of each. Next year a lot of these will likely be donated to the Women's Shelter so I don't mind being "the crazy woman at her sewing machine"!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. You're really learning about altering and stuff, aren't you? I'm so impressed! I would be scared to alter anything. lol!

  2. This looks like a super sweet little pattern! I can't wait till I have more time to sew as the days get chillier and the kids are in school!

  3. Thanks Melissa for coming by my blog. I like your style in your sewing. We seem to have similar tastes in garments. I like loose casual tops. And I bought the Roza pattern recently. Thanks for your review of it. I will go with the medium and use small for the necklines. Love all the luxurious fabrics you are using for your garments!

  4. Interesting to read your thought process on making this blouse, Melissa... I'm sure whatever things that end up at the women's shelter will be much appreciated--what a good idea. I need to give my closet a good clean-out as I only seem to wear about 20% of my clothes!

  5. I had the same problem with the Roza pattern. I didn't grade, but rather pinched in at the shoulder line about an inch - kinda like a box pleat. This brought the neck up and also made the sleeves less...butterfly-ie? Is that a word ;-) I didn't like the way they fluttered out with the woven fabric. The pleat helped settle that down a bit while bringing the neckline to a more modest point. I've made a few of these (with this little twist) in a double gauze and a light chambray and love them.