Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Look 6185 in Grey Cotton

Hi again. Well, I've finished New Look 6185. I made a few changes.
This is how it looked, much like what was on the pattern. 
While I really liked the top portion, the shape didn't look great on me. It started to look like a mu-muu. Since I wanted to wear this over capris or leggings, it was too snug around the hips. So, first thing I did was to remove the in-seam pockets which gave me a bit more room. Still, I decided to open up the side seams from the bottom up about 9 inches.  Finally, to give this more shape, I added in a casing and inserted elastic around the waist. I am much happier with this shape on me. 
Would I make this again? Not likely though "never say never!" This would probably look better with something more drapey.

I've been really enjoying being creative with my sewing. While I am learning dressmaking again, I am benefiting from learning from many sewists online.

Here's some minor tweaking with my Schoolhouse Tunic which I had posted back here.  I found the  opening too low, even if it was intended to be worn with a tee or tank underneath.
I decided to try and close up the front a bit simply by hand stitching up about 3 inches. Then I just added a couple of buttons for embellishments. I can still pull this over my head!

For my next version, I will do that from the start. 
That's it for another day! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I like how you've modified your Schoolhouse tunic.
    Of the two which pattern do you prefer the Tova or the Schoolhouse?
    I would like to make one or the other.
    Leaning towards the Tova but would be interested to hear your thoughts since you have made both.