Monday, September 8, 2014

First Try at the Cappucino Dress

Finally, I was able to make the Cappuccino Dress by Liesl & co.  This was the most complex of the projects I've tackled so far so I told myself to go slow.  The instructions around the attaching the front inset to the sides baffled me a bit but little by little, I got it!

I liked it but the fabric wasn't the best for it I think. I shall have to see what to use for my "good" version. My husband did comment that he thought the silhouette was very "elegant". ha.

Today Mr Mailman brought me some goodies purchased at the Labour Day sale at Warp & Weft.  The sale is still on till end of today so you still have time to hop on over there to get a deal! 

I feel like a proper sewist now!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying the posts. I know my (cross) stitching friends are popping by from my other blog which is great. If you are a new sewist visiting I would love to hear from you. BTW, if you have "no-reply" on your Blogger profile, I can't contact you to thank you for your comment. I also have a problem commenting on Blogger posts where comments are "below posts" (default). 

I have run out of projects to sew so the next few days will see me prepping the next set of projects. Enjoy your week!


  1. The dress came out well! So you're going to make it again with a different fabric? Love that sewer's kit! Love M&M stuff!

  2. Wow, Melissa, you have been so busy sewing. And such great pieces. I enjoy seeing all your new garments and reading your comments about fabric and style.
    This sewing box you got is just great.

  3. The dress IS elegant! Love it!!! The M&M stuff looks amazing...I feel like I need to get a box too!!

  4. See, your loyal fellow cross stitchers haven't deserted you, Melissa, even if we're not seamstresses :) Your dress looks great--I like the fact that you try it out before sewing it in more expensive material.

    Enjoy all those sewing goodies--they are packages so beautifully :)

  5. Another lovely garment Melissa.
    Love the Merchant and Mills goodie box too.
    Do you do any x stitching at all these days? I'm afriad I haven't picked mine up in weeks. I've just completely lost my stitching mojo.
    Hard to believe that something that once consumed my waking hours is of so little improtance to me these days.