Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The almost-Shearwater Kaftan aka the Lemonade Top

After my last series of post, I spent the best part of a week organizing my room. I added two new hobbies - painting and sewing - this year and that was just a recipe for chaos. It's a bit better now but it's more like controlled chaos!

Anyway, I had a lovely piece of blue and white Nani Iro striped fabric just waiting to be shaped into a top. I abandoned my original plan to stitch a Scout tee (which I now regret!) when I saw the Shearwater Kaftan. Perfect, I'd thought, blue and white stripes spell summer on the beach!

Due to no fault of the pattern, here is what I've done and the lessons learned:
  • the stripes are uneven and it turned out I used the heaviest stripes near my hips so I looked like a giant bell. Not a pretty sight, so I thought ok, let's make it short like the Scout tee. 
  • I did not do a muslin first. *sigh* It was bound to happen - over confidence! Yup. The minute I put my left arm in through the first sleeve, I knew it was going to be snug. I won't go on with my struggles debating what to do but just tell you...
  • here's my solution - to add a gusset and a strip of fabric to each side. This article was very helpful.
  • Next time I will make the front slit shorter so I can wear it without a tank underneath.
  • I made shorter sleeves because, guess what, I did not have enough fabric to start off with! 
Are your eyeballs tired of rolling around? Yeah, it's my "got a lemon? Make lemonade" top.

At the same time that I was making this, I had this book from the library. (Gosh, I guess I do like blue and white stripes!) Books can sometimes arrive at just the perfect moment in one's life.   Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman who "shares her suggestions for finding beauty in the world even during the toughest times."
Happy Sewing! 


  1. Oh, I love this fabric! And the selvedge detail on the sleeve is brilliant!! Clever details just make my day :-)

  2. I think you did a great job on this top.
    The vertical stripes look like a design feature.
    Love the fabric. Looks like a good book too.