Monday, August 4, 2014

Project #6 - Scout tee by Grainline Studio

Right now I think I love this more than I love my Tova! That's because with this hot weather, the Scout tee is more wearable. Plus, it's in Nani Iro double gauze. Wow. Wow. Wow. Scout tee plus Nani Iro. Love times two!

When I first got back to sewing, I had discovered Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabrics and just fell in love with the myriad of colours and designs. Of course, the quality of the lawn was a big factor too.  As I slowly found my way around the sewing community, I found the Nani Iro fabrics. Also, this was enabled by Nani Iro month in June, hosted by Frances of Miss Matatabi fame. 

Nani Iro fabrics speak to the artist lurking in me, and the child too. I absolutely loved the designs and finally got my hands on some via Frances' shop. I was so excited when the fabrics arrived! Frances had wrapped the package beautifully too.

So, I had to use this colourful fabric for Scout. I only had 1.5 meters and had to be creative with my pattern placement but I got the body and sleeves cut out. I used a quilting cotton for the seam binding which, in the end, turned out to be a good idea because it provided stability to the double gauze which is a bit loosely goosey. 

Ahem. Apologies for the wrinkly bits but, literally, it's been hard to get this thing off me. I wear it a lot! It's perfect in this hot weather too. I love this stuff  I need more. (Geez, spoken like a true addict, eh?)

Project #6 - started and finished July 2014

Oh yeah, Scout tee - fits me beautifully. Love the pattern. Will be making lots, including a 3/4 sleeve one(s) in the fall.  I've ordered more Nani Iro which I hope will arrive soon so I can make a couple of more of these great tees. August promises to be a hot month around here!


  1. Oh I love this pattern and the fabric you chose is lovely! I'm going to have to try this in the fall!

  2. This is the shirt you were wearing when you saw me!! It really looked great on you and that fabric...swoon! I have to check out this Nani Iro..or maybe not. No need to tempt myself :D