Monday, August 4, 2014

Prototype #5 - Sorbetto Top by Colette Patterns

A Free Pattern, and from Colette Pattern too! You gotta get it here.  This was my first digital pattern download. The download itself was easy. I went to a print shop and it was printed in colour which was quite pricey. In retrospect I think I could've got it done in black and white.

Now, here I will talk about sewing wearable muslin vs actual muslin.  I have stitched 4 "wearable muslins" which is just a way of saying "I don't want to waste time and money stitching a muslin just to throw it away, so I will use cheaper fabric instead so that if I goofed up it won't cost me as much." Hmmm. After 4 tops, I decided to go the muslin route and try that because when I make a wearable muslin I am finishing EVERYTHING. When I make a muslin all I am after is the fit and I do use white muslin so I can also mark it up, and it's easier to see the fit on the plain white fabric. When I use a cotton with prints it is more difficult to judge the fit.

So, Sorbetto Top muslin was made. I was amazed at what a nice fit it was without it being too roomy! Then because I had 2 pieces of quilting cottons I've always loved together, I decided to use them for this top, BUT also to try out a design idea because I didn't have enough on either fabric to make the entire top.

Here's the pattern with my chicken scratches for design ideas.
I ended up with an inverted pleat (I think that's what it's called).  BTW, the posies of this fabric helped me name this blog!

You can tell from the photo I've been wearing it. It's been great during these hot days of summer. The one thing I will say is, while I like the design change I made, the fabrics are not entirely suitable to it. The green stripe fabric underneath is a tad heavier than the green floral so it's not hanging that well. However, I've finally be able to use these two fabrics together and that's it. Cross that one off my list.

Prototype # 5 - started and finished July 2014

Again, I would like to try this with fabric with a softer drape. Plus there are many variations of this design out there so I would like to try them out. I would like to try another Colette pattern as the fit was quite nice.

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