Monday, August 4, 2014

Prototype #3 - B6024 View D

For my third prototype I used a Butterick pattern B6024. Stitching a Butterick pattern is like going back to my high school days!
Since I was using cheaper cottons I only had a piece that was 2 meters. View D is the one on the lower left. I made my top shorter so that I could fit everything in.

I had a lot of issues with this top:
  • First, when I made the cutout V it didn't look right. I blame that on me. To remedy the situation I sewed it up from the wrong side and made it a tiny tuck or pleat which went with the other pleats on the top. The pattern on the fabric (which I love) also hides this well!
  • The top was very wide. I don't think I even took a photo of initially how wide it was. Anyway I took in the sides about an inch each side. It's still a roomy top.
  • The sleeves were weird. They stuck out. Maybe it was because of the quilting cotton was too stiff for this style. I made 3 little pleats on the sleeve which made me look less like a samurai!
So, at this point, I am wearing my newly printed top. I am sitting down at my computer. As I sat there for awhile I felt a draft going down the front of my top and I thought "hmmm, not a good thing". Then I grabbed one of those thick binder clips I had around my desk and clipped the front close just to keep the draft out.  I like the fit so much better that I decided to do this on the top by sewing the tuck and adding a decorative button. 
This is my fudge-it blouse. It works but it won't win any contest. I do like the way they did the seam binding finish around the neckline, much more than some of the other patterns I will encounter later. The seam binding is wider and therefore easier to handle.

Prototype #3 - started and finished July 2014 

Will I make it again? I think so but I will (1) scale down the size and (2) use a fabric with softer drape. I would like to try the white blouse version on the pattern.

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  1. I think it turned out great but I'm not an expert. I really like the little button you added. Is it a golden rosette?