Monday, August 4, 2014

Prototype #2 - Stylish Dress Book, Dress E

Another interesting find is Japanese sewing books. Who knew? But again, the Internet is a wealth of information, and I have found a sort of cult following for this style of clothing. I happily joined in! Here's the book in Japanese but a lot of her work has been translated into English and you can easily find them on Amazon.

The dress on the cover is the "famous" Dress E.

How it went:
  • Tracing off patterns off Japanese sewing books is probably the biggest challenge but I also think is a great exercise for the brain cells! If you have never done it before, just make sure to allow yourself time, space and plenty of light to see. This is also where the Swedish tracing paper comes in handy.  One important thing to remember - Japanese sewing patterns do not have seam allowances in them so you have to add them in yourself. 
  • The sewing itself was easy peasy. The pattern actually used facings rather than seam bindings, which seem to be "the" way, to finish off the neckline. 
  • The fit...I have a few things to say about that!
The Fit as per pattern:
As you can see it's very wide. Granted that is the style of the dress. However, it was so ginormous on me that the front hung well forward so that my husband said to me "Did you know that your hem is uneven? The back is way shorter than the front."

Hmmm. First sewing challenge! At first I thought I had messed up with the pattern pieces to start off with but I double checked and the pattern pieces were correct. I scratched my head. I wore this tunic for awhile and decided to take the plunge and take in the sides. After all, self one said to self two, "this IS a wearable muslin you made!"

So, I started slowly from under the arms and gradually took in about an inch on each side. Basted it I mean. Then I tried it on. Magic - my tunic now hangs evenly! No more uneven hem! Light Bulb moment - definitely a Lessons Learned!

Here's how it looks AFTER:
Much better. I love wearing it though not really love the cotton I used. I would like to use something with a softer hand. I love the pockets too.

Prototype #2 - began and finished July 2014

I will definitely make this again. Next time I might try seam binding to finish the neckline. At some point I would like to make one with 3/4 length sleeve too. 

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  1. Very cute little tunic and the pockets are a big plus for me!!