Monday, August 4, 2014

Prototype #1 - Schoolhouse Tunic

It all started with the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated.

When the back-to-sewing-clothes bug hit me in June I decided I had to find out what fabric stores we still had left in the city. Sadly, not many. However, there is a new-to-me one called Spool of Thread, and I love that store! They have a class where they teach how to sew the Schoolhouse Tunic. I didn't need a class but I bought the pattern, and it cemented my love for sewing again!

It did take me awhile, of course, to get getting my sewing machine tuned up. Ditto my serger that hasn't moved in 20 years and seemed to refuse to budge. They have now been to their respective "doctors" and once more, put to the task.

There is a lot of advice to stitch a muslin before stitching the actual 'good' garment. I decided that I'd rather stitch "wearable muslins" using cheaper cottons and got some on sale for my first projects. (Whether this was a good idea will be reviewed later.)

How it went:
  • Prep time took way longer than actual sewing time.
  • Swedish tracing paper! Love that stuff! You use it to trace your size off the original pattern.
  • I took my time with this, like learning to ride a bicycle, it took me just awhile then my confidence grew the more I sewed! However, I think if I had tried to go too fast I would've been stabbing the garment with a seam ripper! 
  • Overall, the garment was easy to put together and it fit me quite well. The weather has been too hot to wear this but it will get good use in the fall.  I love that fabric and am happy I got it on sale!
This fabric was in the quilting cotton section in the store but it has a bit of a softer drape which was good.  This tunic is meant to be worn with a tee underneath, hence the deep V.  Also this allows for pulling this over your head without the need for any closures (eg buttons, zips). I am wondering whether I might change it so I close up the V a bit. We shall see.

Prototype #1 - began and finished July 2014

Yes, I will make this one again!


  1. The garment that started it all turned out beautifully Melissa.
    I really love the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern and the Tova as well - would like to try making either one for this coming winter.
    I'm loving the new blog and will be following your sewing adventures closely :)

  2. Prepping DOES take a lot of time and patience! That's probably why I'm hesitant to sewing more often...the prep gets to me. I really like this tunic and am thinking about taking a class or two from Spool of Thread...once I start working again!! Anywho, your tunic turned out great! I love the wispy flowers on the eggshell blue fabric. Was it in Spool of thread?