Monday, August 4, 2014

An August Beginning

Starting the first post of a new blog is always that little hill to climb but, finally, here I am.  An August Beginning...both in the sense of this is the month of August, but also in the adjective use which gives it a good omen. Also, today is 08.04.2014 and I like those numbers!

So, why this blog when I already have a blog here? Well, when the back-to-sewing bug hit me out of the blue in June I took it up with a passion. It was a whole new arena to explore. After all, I used to sew but I haven't done so for at least two decades so a lot has changed and I like learning new things.

I took a break from my other world and dove into the world of making one's own clothing by cloth. Wow - there's fabric love and there's also sewing pattern love. I'll talk about bits of my learnings as I go.

I started this blog literally as a way to hang up the clothes I make, hence, "A Closet full of Posies". It's a way to help me chronicle what I am stitching, lessons learned, etc. I also hope to find other "sewists" (yes, that was a new term to me) too.

I would be interested in what you think of what you see and read here. I'm in a learning mode and would love others sharing their knowledge with me. (Thank you in advance!)

Enough words. I made seven pieces in July - it's time for show and tell.

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