Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Since returning to sewing, I realized I needed not only to stock up on fabrics and patterns but also on the little things like..Buttons!  The other day I walked back my favourite thrift shop. I found small tea lite containers filled with buttons. They were clever and had sorted them by colour. I brought some home and had fun sorting them out. I like the real old fashioned ones. I especially love that red one in the middle!
I have discovered a great Canadian online store, Warp & Weft. The wonderful owner, Esmari, always does a lovely job packaging the goodies. 
W & W is my Canadian source for M & M (Merchant & Mills). Did you notice that, Esmari? Cute!

I purchased some fabrics. The daisy and the polka dots are from Merchant & Mills) and the blue and orange voile is from the Bromley Collection by Victoria & Albert museum for Rowan fabric.
Yum.  Go visit Warp & Weft. She's got some lovely things on sale!

Tomorrow I am taking my Pfaff serger to the serger doctor again. Any advice on sergers? I am having a lot of problems with the thread tension.

Happy Sewing!  (p.s. I made 3 posts today so be sure you see them all!)


  1. Hahaha! I did notice that! I always have to be very careful when writing something that has both M&M and W&W in it so I don't get them mixed up. I love how they roll off the tongue!
    Your prints look fabulous - hope you enjoy working with them!

  2. Beautiful fabrics - can't wait to see what they will turn into.
    Lovely find at the thrift shop. Who doesn't love buttons :)