Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dressing up Lou x 2

Just a couple of days ago, we were in the middle of a heat wave (for our area it was a heat wave!) and I was longing for a summery dress that covered my shoulders more than a tank top dress would. Enter, the Lou Box Top pattern once again, ready for a little pattern hacking.

This pattern has been an unexpected and delightful hit this season for me and I love it to pieces! The first dress version used up 2 meters of Nani Iro fabric that I was saving for a long sleeve top. Well, I guess I couldn't wait.

Basically I used up all 2 meters of this fabric and I would've added a bit more length if I had more yardage.

For my second dress, it was a happy coincidence. I had purchased the last meter of the grey floral Nani Iro fabric on sale, and was pondering making one such dress but I could not find a plain fabric to complement the greenish-grey tinge of the fabric. Then just last week, I stumbled across this skirt that I had made last year (Nani Iro as well) but rarely worn so I decided to remove the waistband, add some in-seam pockets and attach it to the Lou Box top. I used some charcoal linen for the bias binding around the neckline. 

This last dress, fortunately is just past knee length and quite perfect for transitioning into Fall. I want to knit a little brownish-pink cardigan to wear with it!

I love both dresses! Since the skirt had a bit of an a-line to the shape, I ended up with a bit of a tulip shape to the dress which I love too.

If you want to try this yourself, it is super easy. The photo below shows the layout of the Lou Box top pattern pieces. Basically the pattern pieces come where you get changeable bottom sections of different hemline treatments. So, I simply  just use pattern pieces 1 and 2 for the top. Then I cut out lengths for the skirt to whatever length you want. For the blue dress I cut straight across the width of the fabric ( approximately 42") for the width of the skirt but you can make that narrower if you wish.  Then just gather the skirt pieces to the top pieces. You can add patch pockets, or in-seam pockets.

I hope you will get to try this pattern yourself. I simply adore it.I've made it up five times already. If I make two more, I can wear one every day of the week!

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the comments as well as the emails asking about my makes. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Carson Dress

If you've been reading my blog or Instagram account, you will know that the silhouette of the Carson Dress is right up my alley. It was a recent release from Paddle Boat Studio.

My first make was to try out the sizing, for which I chose XL.  I used a couple of pieces of linen that I had around to make up the dress.
The XL, I decided, was too big so for my next one, I decided to make the bodice between size L and XL. Actually I needn't bother. I should be size L all the way and it fits me much better in the shoulders too. 

I decided to do the long sleeves for this next one, while losing those pockets and making simple in-seam ones as that was the best use of the limited  (Nani Iro) fabric I had.

I love this version. The length is good on me. Here's a silly face photo, just because I can! 
Final verdict? Love the dress! Will make another one sometime.

I can't believe I've made four posts in one day but I am so glad to cross them off my to-do list! Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend to you!

Endless Summer Tunic

Have you a pattern or two that you've been putting off making because one of one thing or another? Well, for me, one of them was the Endless Summer Tunic by A Verb for Keeping Warm (AVFKW).  It doesn't look like a difficult dress, does it? It's just that the instructions are few and mostly written, and every time my eyes took them in, my brain just kinda...shuts down!

Fortunately for me, a little serendipity happened. I did tell myself to grow up and I did cut out my first version this month.  Then Creativebug announced that AVFKW just finished their video class for the Endless Summer Tunic. The timing was perfect. The class, by the way, is excellent!

The pattern sizing was a bit confusing for me to start with. They only state the finished measurement. My bust size is 40" so I decided to go for the 43" instead of the 41" since that would give me some room to make changes. (As it was, I didn't make any changes.)

See that smile? Yes I am pretty happy with the fit and how it looks. I may play around the bust sizing next time as it is a bit gape-y when I lift up my arms. But the plus size is I could layer it with a light tee shirt underneath.

Now, the fabric! It is a cotton chambray and hand-printed by the lovely and talented Marilla Walker. Marilla gifted this this fabric and I am so happy with how it worked out! Thanks again, Marilla!

Willow Tank and Pants No.1

I have been wanting to find a simple, elastic waist, cropped Pants (Trousers in the UK!) pattern and I have finally found it with the Pants No. 1 pattern by 100 Acts of Sewing. First off is my wearable muslin out of some old quilting cotton in my stash.
These are cropped pants on me and fit well. I call these my gardening pants. The pattern does not come with pockets. For this first version, for ease of fitting, I did not make in seam pockets. Instead I made patch pockets, much like cargo pockets, along  my leg which works way better for gardening purposes.  I made a size L and they are perfect for me.

Next up, is my first try at the Willow tank by Grainline Studio.  I love this tank but the darts were too low, which has been a common complaint among many people. The simple fix next time was to raise the darts about an inch. 
The result after making these two patterns once, was to make a two piece out of 2 meters of  (Hendy Blue) linen from Merchant and Mills

I look a bit miffed, don't I? That's probably because I was taking a lot of photos and a bit frustrated at times! Never mind, I have some more smiley pictures on the Carson dress post coming up. I do love this linen outfit and know I will get a lot of wear out of the two pieces.

Inari Crop Tee/Dress

Today I am playing catch up and will be creating a few posts about my recent makes. I thought it would be best if I group them by the pattern.  The first is the Inari Crop Tee/Dress pattern by Named. I have made it before here and here, but I am finally getting down and serious about the sizing!

The Cropped Tee is indeed cropped and too short for me. I have lengthened it by 4 inches (hem is 1.5 inches).  This was made at the beginning of July and I just love it. The fabric is from the Nani Iro S/S 2016  Collection. (Sorry no photo of me wearing it.)
Back in February I made the dress just to see if how the fit would be. I knew it would be short but it also fit the fabric I had on hand, an older quilting cotton in my stash. Back in February I'd wondered if I would ever wear it, it being very thin and short. Well, we are finally getting a stretch of warmer weather so I thought I would pop this on this morning, and I am still wearing it as I write this post. 

As others have attested to the love of the comfy feel of the Inari dress, I now know why! I just need to add a few inches for next time, and try to add some pockets, as some others have done. So, the changes for me for this pattern is mainly length and the sizing (44) worked well on my shoulders. Note that I used bias binding to finish my neckline and I think I widen the neckline just a smidge too to accommodate my big head!

By the way, I want to thank you for those who have left me comments on my posts. I don't always get to answer them but know I appreciate them! And welcome to new followers of my little blog!

Now, onto the next post!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Some new favourites off my sewing machine

Hiya! It's nearly end of June and I'm trying to catch up and sync up with what I've shown on my Instagram account. I think since I've been on IG, this blog just gets a bit neglected. However, there's one good thing about the blog and that is, the photos are taken with a camera on a tripod so I can get better shots of the outfits. I haven't figured the equivalent for my smart phone yet!

The first one is a Hemlock tee dress hack, made with Liberty of London tana lawn called "English Fields".  I've made so many versions of this dress that I won't say anymore about it, only that I still love it!
This next one is the Trapeze dress by Merchant & Mills. It's done in a linen that I had in my stash, bought locally. While I fought with the instructions with sewing the facing (and lost), I really love this dress. This was my wearable muslin and I want to make more! So comfy.  (I do realize showing this dress is like showing a big ink blot but it's really a great dress to wear!)
I saved the best for last I think. The top is from the Mercury Collection from Marilla Walker.  The fabric is Nani Iro, an oldie called Fuwari Fuwari, which was re-released this latest collection. The Brumby skirt I think I've shown before. Pattern is by Megan Nielsen.  I just love the two pieces together!
There was another top that I was going to show, but I realized when I saw the photo that I need to take it apart and make something else with it. It didn't look good at all. Oh well, you win some and then some you have to work harder to win!

I do realized I am still not synced up with my IG account, and I guess that's ok. I'll just use by blog to show more or better photos of what I sew.

I can tell you my sock knitting is coming along. Come next weekend will be our last class and I should come out with a pair of wearable ones, fingers crossed!

Thanks for stopping by!  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

And more tops sewn!

I am playing catch-up once again as I made these tops in April and May.

The first two are the Ann Carolyn Smock by Ellen Mason. This pattern was released in the Spring and I really like it! This first one is done in double gauze. The floral is from Nani Iro called "En Garden".
The second version is a plain linen, embellished with some scraps of leftover linen from other projects. 

The third top is a Wiksten Tova, which I have made a few times. The fabric is Nani Iro "Fuccra Rukuen".

This last top is Tunic No.1 from 100 Acts of Sewing. The fabric is (ahem - I know) Nani Iro "Clear Heart".  I used a size L and I may size down next time , or at least adjust the neckline as it's a bit wider than I'd prefer. The colour is lovely though - I call it my Mango ice cream top. 
I know, I know I have been sewing a lot. Although this output may seem impressive to my non-sewing friends, just know that these are pretty easy things to make (eg no buttonholes, no zips).   And yes I will be back with more sewing! Aren't you glad? ;-)

My sewing will likely slow down over the summer as I have started taking a sock knitting class so I have to get my brain (and hands) back into knitting mode. I am going to try the magic loop method too!

Have a lovely weekend!